Italian pride

Italian pride
Italy ... '30

At the end of 1930 the most elitist alfa Romeo was the 6c 2300 ,this car was born a few years bifore ,but it was not able to fight the competition in spite of the tecnhical solution.
The alfa Romeo was obliged to built an important car in a historical period very critical for all the world.
The 6c 2500 preserved the same technical solution of the 6c 2300 ,the displacement were increased to compete with rivals, and also available for a great number of customers, the suspension's frame remained the same , and also the power loom with side members renforced , to increase the performances of the engime in excellent.

The 6c 2500 was protagonist in the racing track all over the world with its sport models , in spite of the pre-announced commercial fealure. The first merit of this success become from the engime ,the faster model, the SS Had 110cv and made possible exceptional performancesfor that time (the 6c 2500 was able to start in thirth-speed without any shake)

Very important for the fantasy of Italian cars stylist was the strong power loom with side members; they could create and built wonderful models of 6c 2500 ,famous all over the world rich in "charme" , the "VILLA D'ESTE" ,built in the 1950, and called by the foreign newspapers: "THE ITALIAN PRIDE". The 6c 2500 was built by the Italian stylist in 15 different models. This car is also today important for the story of Alfa Romeo "biscione" above all the development of the mythical " bialbero".

The Alfa Romeo with the "charme-car" closed the period of artisan-working in wich cars were customized car and began the industrial period,the 1900 was born,but this is another story!