Articles of association

Articles of association
Art. 1 - Denomination
A free and non-profit-making Association denominated the "Registro Internazionale Alfa Romeo 6C2500" is hereby constituted.

Art. 2 - The Purpose of the Association
The Association brings together on an international basis owners of and experts on Alfa Romeo motor cars of the types 6C 2300B and 6C 2500 and its aim is to encourage the knowledge of as well as the preservation and use of the aforementioned vehicles. To this end the Association shall organize meetings, rallies, publications and services of common interest.


Art. 6 - Founder Members
The Founder Members are all those who took part in the constituent assembly held at Premenugo di Settala on the 25th of Semptember 1994 and those who, having joined immediately thereafter, are mensioned in the memorandum of association enclosed with this present document. Founder Members have the same rights and duties as active Members and must therefore pay the annual membership fee.

Art. 7 - Active Members
Those who possess or are recognized experts on Alfa Romeo 6C 2300B or 6C 2500 cars may become active Members. They shall undertake to pay the yearly fees and their membership shall be declared expired should the said fees remain unpaid beyond the term established by the Treasurer. Aspiring Members must make a written request to join the Association. If a period of 60 days should pass without any objections (complete with grounds) having been received by the Members of the Committee of Local Chairmen, then their membership shall begin as from receipt of the membership fee.

Art. 8 - Honorary Members
The Committee of Local Chairmen is empowered to nominate as Honorary Members any distinguished persons connected with the history of Alfa Romeo 6C2500 and 6C2300B or who may have served the Association well. Honorary membership shall be for life, does not confer voting rights and is exempt from payment of the membership fee.

Art. 9 - Honorary President
The figure of Honorary President is hereby constituted and his role shall be to act as a source of moral inspiration regarding the activities of the Association and as moderator (chairman) of the meetings of the Committee of Local Chairmen. The post carries life tenure and is exempl from payment of the membership fee. The constituent assembly has nominated Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni for this post.


Art. 11 - Local Chairmen
Local Chairmen (one per country or per homogeneous area wherein collectors of 6C 2300B and 6C 2500 cars have their residence*) shall be elected by Members in the area of provenance in accordance with election procedures to be established locally. Local Chairmen shall be elected for three years and may be re-elected thereafter.

Art. 12 - Powers of Chapter Representatives
The Committee of Local Chairmen shall see to the running of the Association aftd shall decide on day to day administrative matters by majority decision. Decisions shall be deemed valid when a quorum of at least 2/3rds of the Committee has cast a vote. In the case of a tie the casting vote shall be that of the Honorary President, who is otherwise devoid of voting rights. A 2/3rds majority of qualified electors shall be required for the designation of the Committee Coordinator, for the co-opting of new Committee Members and for any disciplinary measures that may have to be taken with regard to Members.

Art. 13 - The Coordinator of the Committee
The Committee of Local Chairmen shall elect from among its own members a Coordinator who shall carry out the duties of general secretary, encourage communications between the Members of the Committee, and coordinate local activities. The Coordinator's period of office shall last three years, upon the expiry of which he may be re-elected.

Art. 14 - The Treasurer
The Association Treasurer shall be a person in whom the Committee reposes its trust, chosen from the active Members. He shall hold an advisory vote in the decisions

Art. 15 - Honorary Posts
All the posts of responsibility held within the Association shall be assumed by Members on an honorary basis and are not therefore subject to remuneration.

Art. 16 - Revenue and assets
The revenues of the Association shall comprise membership fees, donations, bequests and any contingent assets deriving from the activities of the Association. Any such contingent assets shall be carried forward to the next business year and used for initiatives in conformity with the aims of the Association. In the event of the dissolution of the Association, any residual funds shall be handed over to charity.