The world of car collection is certainly variegated and full of nuances. There are collectors lining up the cars of their youth, those who love hearing the horsepower under the bonnet, those who know all screws and bolts of a model, those who spend more time polishing than driving, those who in the name of absolute originality, scatter the road with rust.
There are the partisans of a brand to the point that only that brand exists, those who, if they don't have famous brands, feel they are second class and those who, not to give up a little bit of history, fill barns, garages and cellars of things they will never use, happy with saving them. The Alfa Romeo collectors are in all these categories and in all the other I have forgotten to mention. Why? Simply because Alfa Romeo is the brand which, to tell the truth, is the history of automobile: it includes everything and everything is included in it. The evolution since the very early days of what has become an irreplaceable, loved, desecrated, invaluable companion of our existence. From the outstanding prewar Alfas in no way inferior to any Ferrari, Rolls, Duesemberg, to the excellent sportscars, the touring cars, the compact cars, the vans, the trucks and the heavy goods vehicles, Alfa Romeo has expressed a way of thinking, at all levels and with the peaks and toughs that characterize it. Somebody said that in any place in the world where there is an airport, you'll find a Manchester United fan; we could say that wherever there are at least one hundred cars, Alfa is known. And in the world there are certainly more places with at least one hundred cars than places with an airport. And the fame, passion, even love that Alfa arouses is greater than we can imagine; we are the Milanese of the Portello, inhabitants of a town that saw the birth of the legendary "Biscione", brought up with bread and Giulietta, in our prams we were probably pointing our finger at a 1900. When children, we went "oh!", when a red Alfa drove by...

But what has all this to do with the 6C 2500 Register? A lot after all, because to love the 2500 you must be an "Alfista". And a hard-core one to create a Register. Why? Because if the 1900, the Giulia, the Giulietta, the Alfetta, the 6C1750 are milestones of the history of the automobile, both Italian and international, the 6C2500 was the link between a disastrous war looming and the ensuing debris. It didn't have the importance of the preceding models nor the modernity of its heir. But it was a beautiful link, l can say it because I am "Alfazioso" and I admit my partisanship upfront. Coach tailors, call them designers if you prefer, like Touring, Pininfarina, Boano, Revelli di Beaumont, Farina... left us with something sparking admiration, emotion and passion. This is the reason why a model like the 2500, a bit overlooked and forgotten, deserved A gathering point and somebody to hand down its memory. The trace of the nice book of the historian Tito Anselmi and its organization, the meticulous work by Malcom Harris, the constant help by Peter Marshall and the many friends such as Cici Bianchi Anderloni, Raul San Giorgi, Fabio Calligaris, Axel Marx, the Giorgettis, and many more, Italian, European and from the rest of the world who, in September 1994 decided it was time for this affectionate tribute to the 6C2500.
We therefore organized the first raduno at the Cisa pass on the nice hills of Emilia, which in the past used to be climbed by the 2500 of the rich enthusiasts, migrating from the towns in the north to the beaches of Tuscany for the week-end. The first rally, called "48 hours with the 6C 2500", was held from the 23rd to the 25th of September near Parma, in Berceto, a place famous for its mushrooms and the rain. A wonderful week-end, with an exhibition of panels illustrating the technical evolution of the 2500, consolidated the first core of "founders". As the President of the Alfa Blue Team, I had the honour and the pleasure of gathering these Founding Members for the formal deed to constitute the Register, around a long table placed among our more modern Alfas (see picture).

Twenty beautiful 2500 well representing the production span, with a few custom-built cars, thus began a journey binding friends from all over the world....

Gippo Salvetti