Anversa, 1/3 Giugno 2007

The 10th edition of our Register at Antwerp 1/3 June 2007.

The 10th edition of the “6C2500 Registro Internazionale” was last year organised in Antwerp (Belgium) during the first weekend of June. Raoul San Giorgio and his wife Katrien prepared for many months an outstanding event with participants from all over Europe. On Friday afternoon they were very proud to welcome 38 (!!) participants on the “Grote Markt” in the historical centre of Antwerp. Early in the afternoon the Italian 6C's arrived on a trailer and were delivered to their owners, being already in town from the evening before. For many spectators this was already an attraction on itself. It was very impressive seeing all these living beauties nicely arranged in front of the beautiful town hall. After the initial welcome, most of the participants took a look at all the cars and enjoyed the sun that was replacing the initial little rain shower. Digital cam's did their work and it looked that the cars became stars of a catwalk. Around 18.30 all participants came together for a nice group picture and thereafter went for a little walk towards the beautiful Cathedral, where Raoul had organized a private guided tour (even in Italian !) and where details of the original Rubens paintings were explained to the group. At the end of the visit an exclusive organ concert was held which was very much appreciated by all “Radunisti”. What a surprise to hear at the end of the concert the Italian national hymn sounding loud and clear throughout the Cathedral. The whole group went back to the Town Hall where a nice Italian buffet was waiting for the hungry people. From the first floor they had a beautiful overview of the Grote Markt where the cars were still admired by many people. During the walking dinner Luc Colemont had the opportunity to present his Freccia d'Oro book. For his 50th birthday he wanted to bring together all the information he collected during the last ten years about the first Alfa Romeo post-war production car. His goal was to find pictures and information of at least 50 Freccia d'Oro's…and yes the Register in the book contains even… 60 Freccia d'Oro's. The book has 550 pages and contains more than 1000 pictures…. Three lucky people received a copy of the book, Raoul San Giorgio (oro), organisator of the Raduno, Gippo Salvetti (argento) author of the “Alfazioso” book and Theo Meinster (bronzo) Editor of the outstanding Dutch Alfa Romeo magazine “Het Klaverblaadje”.

On Saturday morning a beautiful sun welcomed the participants at the breakfast buffet of the nice hotel in the centre of the town; The cars were taken out of the garage and many Alfisti and tourists were already waiting in front of the hotel to take pictures of their favourite cars. Members of the Dutch SCARB Alfa Romeo club had organised a nice trip throughout the northern region of Antwerp in direction of the Netherlands. A first stop was previewed at the Maxburg Castle a beautiful and picturesque place were coffee, cake and strawberries were waiting for all the participants. Twenty Alfa Romeo old-timers from SCARB members joined the Raduno group. It was a beautiful sight and once again an outstanding moment for digital cameras… You did not need to much imagination to find yourself at Villa d'Este or Pebble Beach… After the break everyone drove to Raamsdonksveer for a visit to the Louwman Collection, where a few cars from the Rosso-Bianco Museum (bought by the Louwman family) were nicely placed at the entrance. You don't see every day a 33/2 Periscopia (1967) and a Tipo 33/2 Daytona (1968) when you arrive at a car museum… In the unique museum many attention went to the 8C 2900 B Spider Aerodinamico Sperimentale (the so-called “whale” or “ballena”). After a nice lunch in the museum everyone drove back 100 km direction Antwerp, some preferred the highway others choosed the smaller “inner”-ways…
The Raduno-participants put their cars again in the garage and prepared themselves for the gala-dinner in the “Gran Duca” Restaurant located on the sixth floor of the hotel. Everyone enjoyed the spectacular view over the town and the aperitif on the terrace. During the meal Raoul and Katrien had organized a nice Alfa Romeo-quiz and answers were not always so easy and clear to find, but everyone enjoyed it ! During the dinner many participants received a nice gift form the organistion committee.

Sunday morning a 80 km drive throughout the beautiful open nature region of the left border of the Schelde was the last part of the Raduno. A visit was brought to Doel a very small town in the middle of the expanding harbour. The government has decided to destroy all the houses within a few years and nearly al habitants have already left this little town. The Raduno came to an end in Bazel where all participants took part at the farewell dinner…. Raoul and Katrien did a great job….we will remember for long this unique trip to Belgium….

Luc Colemont

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