Programma del XVI Raduno

30 May
Arrival at 15.00 at Oirschot Hotel
Visit at the very nice market of Oirschot
with our own cars.
Thursday evening a participants dinner.

31 May
Friday we start with a tour and will end at the DAF Truck Factories in Geldrop.
There will be a ladies program as well.
We anticipate a visit to the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven.
An informal participants dinner at the hotel or somewhere else.

1 June
Saturday we make a tour in the direction of the Hague .
During the tour we make a stop to lunch and visit a castle.
After, continuing towards The Hague.
The end will be at the square of the Louwman Museum.

We can leave our cars, shuttle to the hotel.
Back to the museum.
We will have the complete museum for us alone.
Dinner at the Museum.
Depending on the size of the group we have dinner at the village square (in the museum!) or in the library .
There is a theater for 400 people,we anticipate a nice intermezzo.
After dinner we take a shuttle to the hotel.

2 June
Sunday morning, shuttle to the museum, to pick up the cars.
A short tour to a museum called Corpus .
Which gives us a travel trough the human body.
Very nice, believe me.

Early lunch and finish.

The participation fee is 890€ for a team.

At the museum a special exhibition will start at April 26.
Ends on Sunday June 2nd!
Theme is Alfa Romeo and Design.
16 Very special Alfa 's will be exhibited in the Great Hall .
(100 x 20 meters and around 25 metrs high…) And yes, it is a gesture from the owner towards me and my Alfa make sure you all will come!

Schilde,28 jan. 2013

Raoul San Giorgi
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