Xmas Letter 2018

Xmas Letter / Lettera di Natale Registro
Dear friends and Members of Registro Internazionale Alfa Romeo 6C 2500,
first of all my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
2018 has seen our Registro celebrate annual Raduno in The Netherlands where we were guest of honor of Spettacolo Sportivo the annual beautifull Alfa Romeo kermesse organized by The Dutch Alfa Romeo Club, this year for the 40th birthday. An affectionate thank you  to Theo Meinster that organized everything in a perfect way also allowing to our marvellous 6C 2500 to turn in Zandwort racetrack preceded by Italian flag as a tribute of Italian character of Alfa Romeo. As usual we officially partecipated to Milano Auto Classica exposing in our stand the SS Cabriolet Pininfarina of our friend and member Carlo Digrandi( thank you Carlo for your kind availability) that was very admired and deservedly won the best open car award of the event. Our stand was very popular and was a meeting point for all members and enthusiasts who visited the exhibition. We also had the pleasure of a lon visit by Mario Righini that, with his well known sympathy talk about, with memories and anecdotes, sometime in Modena dialect, his fantastic esperienze of great collector. He entertained those present including two Portuguese friends that, with the help of some Modenese-Italian-English-French translations listened to him with great interest and fun : thank you Mario, listening to you is always an unique and rewording experience!
Work in progress for the reorganisation of our Website that also this year has increased the number of visitors and that in 2019 will also be available by tablets and mobile phones. 
The 2019 International Raduno will be in Italy , in Liguria, organized by Emanuele Morteo on May 10/12. Please find enclosed the preliminare program. We will stay in Porto Venere , a very nice little town on the sea close La Spezia and we will have the chance for a boat tour at cinque Terre, one of the most exciting costal scenario of the entire Italian peninsula. 
I end this letter remembering to all of you to pay The annual fee (70€) to our Treasurer Fabrizio Borghi thanking him for his efforts as well Claudio Giorgetti, soul and flag of our Registro and Alessandro Salvetti, Register Keeper and updater of the Gallery on the website. 
I renewal to all of you, your familiar, and to your dear ones my best wishes: Merry Christmas and Very Happy 2019

Stefano Centanni
Stefano Centanni, MD, PhD
Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Università degli Studi di Milano

p.s. Fabrizio Borghi
Bank: Banco di Desio
Iban number: IT42 D034 4033 8700 0000 0454 100

Il Registro 6C nel Golfo dei Poeti (Maggio 2019)